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Girl from South

Girl from South is a story about travel in time.

From childhood memories in South-Korea, to growing up in Norway.  How the environment had a significantly big part in forming my identity, like a mirror - a reflection from past to present. 

Part 1 - Is a 45min Theater performance.

Script & Performance by Yours truly.

Directed by Harry Guttormsen.

Light design by Shiva Sherveh.

Sound & music by Nikolai Nypan.

Costume by Chris Lee. 


Girl from South

was financed through a grant from

The Norwegian Arts council in

2021 and 2022.

And SPENN - The Norwegian network for Performing Arts in 2022.

Part 2 - Is a 10min Short film.

Script & Perfromance by Yours truly.

Directed by Christine Yangco Helland

Photo & Edit by Magnus Wiig

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